Category: Gourmet Mushrooms

Fresh healthy mushroom mycelium, pre-poured agar plates, mushroom liquid cultures / Rye Berry / Popcorn and BRF jars, agar & nutrient broth premixes, fully colonized agar plates, and slants. 100% clean room/lab produced, guaranteed to always be fresh and contamination free. Miracle Farms Mushrooms is a Florida-based, Christian, Veteran-Owned business with an ever-increasing customer base. As our customer base is expanding, our staff is not, currently, it’s just me filling and shipping orders. My priority is getting out a quality product, 7 days a week. That said, I will not be able to answer every question a customer may have. If there are any issues with your order, please return it to the address provided on your package. I will personally reship or refund your order the same day I get it. For reships, I will include a gift for your troubles. :) I appreciate your business and thank you. Brian SSG USA 13M FA 89-03